27004 (1503) Juno (Bogies)

Monday 31st December 2018 we have completed the sale of our two spare EM2 bogies to the Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society for use in their project to build a replica of LMS10000. The money received will enable us to continue the conservation and restoration of both 27000 and railbus DB998901. We wish the IDRS every success with their project.

The bogies originally arrived at the Middleton Railway in June 1990 - see photo - and were the last through freight from BR onto the railway. Since then they have been stored at Middleton and more recently at the Midland Railway - Butterley. When the bogies were acquired we expected 27000 to have a more active life in preservation than has been the case, following the closure of the West Yorkshire Transport Museum. We have been paying storage for the bogies since 1990 so passing them on to the IDRS for rebuilding very much benefits both parties.